Good news for neck, shoulder, back & leg pain patient– Interferential therapy

Good news for neck, shoulder, back & leg

pain patient– Interferential therapy


With the fast-paced life and the accumulation of bad habits, more and more people have neck, shoulder, back and leg pain problems, so is there a better treatment method? It is a good choice for office workers to have a 20mins physical therapy. The interferential therapy has solved many problems of office workers who with the neck, shoulder, back and leg pain.


What is the interferential therapy? Because pain could be reduced by stimulating primary afferent neurons. The transcutaneous application of alternating medium-frequency electrical currents are applied to the body in such a manner to produce amplitude modulated low frequency current within in the body for therapeutic purposes. It is the production of low frequency current in the body tissue by the simultaneous application of two different medium frequency currents. As the low frequency current is the result of interference of two different medium frequency currents, it is named as – interferential current.


    The pain relief effect is particularly obvious. The effect of pain relief is particularly obvious. The low-frequency interference endogenous current formed by the dynamic interference electric instrument in the body can inhibit the sensory nerves, while prompting the expansion of capillaries and arteries, and the change of local blood circulation is conducive to the absorption of inflammatory exudate and edema. In addition to effectively relieving pain, the Interference Electric Therapy Machine can also quickly eliminate fatigue due to pain or sports formation. Designed for patients with neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, it not only relieves the pain of patients, but also helps to repair the affected tissues, which is a good news for patients with neck, shoulder, back and leg pain.


The benefit of Interferential therapy

1.Pain Relief

Using the local effect of intermediate frequency electrotherapy, the skin pain threshold is significantly increased, and it has good analgesic effect clinically, especially the most obvious effect of low frequency modulated intermediate frequency electricity, and its analgesic effect is immediate pain relief and subsequent pain relief.



2.Promote Blood Circulation

Interferential therapy, which has obvious effect of promoting local blood and lymph circulation, can make the skin temperature rise, small arteries and capillaries dilate, and the number of open capillaries increase, etc.


3.Exercise Skeletal Muscle

Low-frequency modulated medium-frequency current has similar effects to low-frequency current and can cause skeletal muscle contraction, so it is often used to exercise skeletal muscle and is superior to low-frequency current.


4. Softening Scars

Equal amplitude medium frequency current has the effect of softening scars and loosening adhesions.


5.Improve smooth muscle tone

Improving smooth muscle tone: Modulated IF electricity has the effect of improving smooth muscle tone of gastrointestinal, biliary, bladder and other internal organs, and enhancing their peristaltic ability.

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Patients who have experienced interferential therapy say their muscles relaxed immediately afterwards. It’s easier to move around after pain relief.

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Post time: Sep-29-2022
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