What Exercises Can Do with Limited Mobility ?

What Exercises Can Do with Limited Mobility ?

As the Chinese old said, life is exercise , the first wealth is life. Whether you are fit or limited mobility, you need to exercise. Exercise can boost your mood, ease depression, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance your self-esteem, and improve your whole out look on life. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that makes you happy.


Although you have limited mobility problems, dont worry that you won’t be able to exercise. You may be worried that you will fall or hurt yourself because you are limited mobility. In my opinion, there is no doubt that solutions are more than difficulties. Whats more, doctors or physical therapist have many ways to overcome your mobility issues and you can exercise with  with help from them.


So, what kind of exercises can limited mobility people do? Here are three kinds exercises.

Flexibility Exercises

First of all, flexibility exercises , or stretches as they are more commonly known, are the first kind of exercise that needs to be done before proceeding with any other exercise. These may include stretching exercises and yoga. It can prepare your muscles for upcoming stress due to cardiovascular or strength exercises and reduce the chances of injuring yourself during exercises. It can help enhance your range of motion, prevent injury, and reduce pain and stiffness. Even if you have limited mobility in your legs, for example, you may still benefit from stretches and flexibility exercises to prevent or delay further muscle atrophy.

Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises means that raise your heart rate and increase your endurance. These can include walking, running, cycling, dancing, tennis, swimming, water aerobics, or “aquajogging”. Even if you’re confined to a chair or wheelchair, it’s still possible to perform cardiovascular exercise. For example, when you’re in a wheelchair, just move your arms up and down quickly and repeatedly. This is also a cardiovascular exercise.

Arm-bicycling and leg-bicycling also are cardiovascular exercises that you need a rehab-bike for this exercise.


    Rehab bike SL4 is a kinesiotherapy device with intelligent programs. SL4 can enable passive, assist, and active (resistance) training on patientsupper and lower limbs through the control and feedback of the program.

rehab bike SL1- 2

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Strength training

Last but not least, strength training involves using weights or other resistance to build muscle and bone mass, improve balance, and prevent falls. If you have limited mobility in your legs, your focus will be on strength training for the upper body. Similarly, if you have a shoulder injury, for example, your focus will be more on strength training for the legs and core.

Post time: Aug-31-2022
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